Well, I love photography. I think it is a genius way to register moments, to portray sentiments, to experiment with imagery, tell a story, it can be theatrical, cinematographic, astronomic, microscopic.

Photography can be many things in many ways.

As I like many different fields of science, arts and humanities, I just aggregate photographies of many different forms, thougts, techniques and feelings.

I keep my photos in 3 main websites, described as follows...

This is my "selected" pictures website. After conjoining something like 22 thousand pictures, makes it difficult to find and separate the "good" pictures. Some pictures in film, some pictures in digital, from a very wide time range, separated in a few sections that may make some sense around my major tastes of looking into my subjects. Julio C Hegedus Photography WebSite

Many other photographers I know tend to "hide" all the pictures of a series and show off only some few, whilst you know they had taken hundreds to find a few right, even with the advent of digital SRL where u basica have no limit and you can see the result almost immediately, you can "drop the finger". Well, in the end, people in general add their pictures on sites like facebook, google plus, instagram or who knows where! I do no have an account in almost any... just have the Google Plus because you are forced by google to do so, thus... I have my own systems to publish my photos in totality, removing only what is absolute trash. You may find it all here: Julio C Hegedus Gallery WebSite

Just like the Gallery website, I also tried to use the Piwigo software when the group behing Gallery decided it was time to "call it quits". I was also no that satisfied with Piwigo, as it seem to have a good mechanic but a bad interface driven work. So I is difficult to decide if I build my own system, use one of them, or ... what the hell.. Julio C Hegedus Piwigo WebSite