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For some maybe too much from too litle, for others it is too little from too much, for me, it's only documenting some small projects, opinions and life in general, without any ambition of journalistic, entreprenurial or literary pretense. It's just me and how I am :)

Who Am I ?

Personal information

Simply another human, not better nor worse than others, amidst the 7.5 billion about on the planet.

You may be interested on my Curriculum or just to look around and find my website about Photography which contains a few of my best shots or yet maybe, you just looking to find my Gallery website, where I keep all the "raw" pictures I take.

In the other side of the table, you could just be looking for some information about my projects of Indoor GreenHouse (or even the outdoor greenhouse), our family "pet" project to grow edible vegetables, flowers and possibly fish, this may also be the place. (or just follow the presented links above ;-) )

Subjects of Interest

From the personal information you can have an idea where I may lean towards, but to put in a list, it would go like this:

+ My wife and my Daughter
+ IT, Linux, Internet, Programming
+ Astronomy, Physics, Sciences in general
+ Home Farming (if such "term" exists)
+ Rock Climbing, Hiking, Trekking
+ DIY in general
+ Drumming and Eletronic Music composing
+ First Person Shooters (gaming though)
+ Playing games in general
+ Bicycling
+ Photography and Astrophotography
+ Im a real newsjunkie
+ Politics (no matter which country)
+ History
+ Incense
+ Video watching, making and editing
+ Cinema
+ Arts in general
+ Museum addict
+ The list can go on...

Other links of Interest

This is some other internet links, that has to do with me, my dear friends, work and subjects Im really evoved with (besides my sub websites you will find on the menu above):

+ My Wife's Website
+ Arsmedia
+ Cultural Assault

Some More

+ Sentia, is my current employer, where I work as a "Continuity Engineer"
+ My Google Plus Page
+ Linkedin Profile
+ I dont have a facebook and other major "social networks", read here if you want to know why

Youtube Videos / Channel

Well I dont have a lot of presentations or anything like that to put it on here, but you could watch me giving a presentation about my database motoring framework developed for Zabbix. This video was posted on the Zabbix YouTube channel, you could also check Youtube Channel JCHegedus for some other basic family and technical videos.

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About us

Julio C Hegedus

AKA Spectroman

Priscilla Camargo

AKA Pri, The Wife

Helene Camargo

AKA The Daughter