Magic Mirror 2 - Moon Phases Module

While preparing my installation of our version of the Magic Mirror, I felt like missing a module for informing me the moon phase.

As an amateur astronomer, I generally have a look on the moon phase to be aware if this is a good night to observe, maybe the moon or maybe other things.

Have this information in the Magic Mirror together with the module that provides information about solar system planets would be awesome.

So looking around other apps, I saw one that simple go to a certain crafted URL and download one image, nothing much complicated than this. Well, I found several websites that provides the image of the moon on its current phase. So the module basic download this image and show it with or without a header.

Here are a couple of screen shots:

    // fetch a picture, that changes daily but it has the same name - many sites can provide that
    // is in reality 1024x1024 but we show by default at 200px x 200px
    var src = "";

Currently the module is downloading from the source cited above, but can be changed to any other source from the internet.

The module can be downloaded and installed following the instructions on its github page: mmm-moon-phases