Indoor and Outdoor Greenhouse

I have been utterly interested on growing food at home. I am not aiming to produce all the food we would eat, that's kinda delusional, rather, I want to learn how to produce different types of salad vegetables, some fruits, flowers and other spcialties that I cannot easily find on the shops.

From a simple curiosity, a methodology have grown, scientific questions sprouted and knowledge rooted. Now Im still pursuing other forms of medium to grow food, but due to lack of time, for a while, some of my projects in this area are in pause.

As such, this website was not finished, but have some content to show off, so I will keep it until the time I can do over with new material, documenting the new projects.

Partially I had to kill my produce area because I moved from the apartment where it was all set up, now, although I have more space I have less time :-p

Coming soon, projects with Aquaponics.

Incomplete website with information about Greenhouse, aquaponics and other subjects for home grown food. Julio C Hegedus Greenhouse WebSite

Section from my gallery website, dedicated to Greenhouse project. Julio C Hegedus Greenhouse Galleries WebSite