Openstack Arch Linux Images

I have spent some time creating an image to OpenStack based on ArchLinux.

You can download my image following this link or just here Just "save as" somewhere -- the extension/type is QCOW2, or copy+paste the link on your image creation screen to let OpenStack grab the file for ya.

This is a very basic image, just to overcome the first barrier of having a method to create a working ArchLinux image. Now comes the task to make it communicate properly with the metadata system and fixing some details about re sizing.

I have built a scripted system to build this image and as soon as I make it clean and neat, I will make it available as well.

Other improved versions of this image should follow, I plan to keep adding versions and keep the old ones.

I hope you can load this image and have fun with it! If not, let me hear about it!


This is an AnrchLinux Image for Openstack Nova (2014-1.3-4.0.3) based on OEL 6 As it is, we have the following features:

  • 3GB base partition EXT4
  • DHCP enabled;
  • SSHd enabled;
  • Root user enabled on console with password = passowrd
  • Fixed configuration to /dev/vda1 as root partition, if your openstack delivers a different name for the first partition, /usr/lib/initcpio/hooks/growfs must reflect the name of the device;
  • Yaourt installed;
  • cowsay + fortune;
  • locale to en_US; - /etc/localtime set to Europe/Amsterdam

(change with # rm -f /etc/localtime ; ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone/subzone /etc/localtime )

This explanatory file is located at: /etc/issue feel free to change it at any moment. Please change the root passord when first booted

Minimum root partition size selection must be 3GB

I also got a CentOS image and a Debian image