Openstack All-in-One on CentOS

Notice this is probably not up to date, look at info on the RDO project to figure out the right stuff ;-)

So I am running Openstack at home, my installation is based on:

The RDO Project

Which is basically a CentOS installation and their scripts will make all the work.

yum install openstack-packstack

packstack --allinone

Because I have a local disk sitting to be used for images and volumes, I will configure him to be used via LVM driver

[use your preferred editor] /etc/nova/nova.conf



[use your preferred editor] /etc/cinder/cinder.conf


... make sure that the following line is enabled:


Use fdisk and create a partition type "Linux LVM" (type 8e), then...

pvcreate /dev/sdb1

vgcreate nova_NORAID /dev/sdb1

Best thing here, would be a reboot on the server, as the kernel is new and new modules and everything else will be properly loaded..., afterwards is also good to know if everything is set up properly for the start up.

Thereafter for the network, the essential is here: [](All In One Networking)

Collect the subnet ID from neutron using: neutron net-list ...then use is to change the DNS from the private network to something that actually works.

neutron subnet-update cae5afad-217c-4e8b-8413-cdbce5214a5d --dns-nameservers list=true